Fireworks as we know them today are a much-evolved class of products often associated with myriad colours and cacaphonous roars, sometimes bordering on being a social nuisance when they are abused, no less by irresponsible adults than by street hooligans. However, few can dispute the fact that fireworks when used responsibly and respectfully, often inspire awe and aesthetics, transcend age and race, and touch the depths of soul in a way that is both uplifting and fulfilling.

Fireworks can be broadly divided into two classes, though actual classifications vary from country to country: Display Fireworks and Garden Fireworks. In a nutshell, Display Fireworks refer to items that are heavily loaded and large, used strictly by trained and licensed pyrotechnicians and not available to the general public. Garden Fireworks or, more affectionately, family fireworks, on the other hand are pyrotechnic items that are much smaller in size and composition weight, and are considered safe to be fired by the general public.

Today, much of the world's fireworks are manufactured in China, the undisputed global factory. With an industry-wide shake-out following some major accidents over the past years, most fireworks manufacturing activities are now believed to be concentrated in the central province of Hunan, around the suburbs of Liuyang and Liling cities in particular. We, MMF Haus Sdn Bhd, are but one such factory situated in Liuyang, though our origins emanate from afar -- Malaysia, a place more noted for its lush vistas and sun-baked resorts.


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